Play The Best Online Games

The internet is a virtual variety of brilliant, time-consuming content that you can use to whittle away the long hours of the day. Although social media gives you a chance to catch up on the latest gossip and enjoy a few adorable cat photos, none of them offers the enthralling content you can obtain from online games. Taking a much-needed break to enjoy a wide range of free online games is a fantastic way to disconnect from reality for a while. Online games can get your brain working, relax you, or just simply provide the opportunity to have some fun while taking a break from your every day-to-day.

Afunpark is bursting at the seams with free online games that requires no effort to get going. As one of the largest sources of online games, you can enjoy an arsenal of the best game genres in a matter of seconds, ranging from shooting games to dress up games. With loads of ratings and reviews, players of all skill levels are bound to find a game worth playing.

Online Game Genres

There is an astonishing number of game genres available online and deciding which game genre suits your gaming style best can be rather challenging. Most online gaming sites simply mash all types of online games together and provide them with one extensive list. However, to be completely different and unique, we decided to divide them conveniently by game genre, so you can quickly locate the best games you love the most in each category.

Sports Games

This category is aimed towards the jocks or the gamers who love sports. This is the perfect genre to keep your fingers nimble while practising the key elements of your favourite sports game while picking up brand-new strategies and nailing down the rules. Sports games will help you stretch your mental muscles while whipping your hand-eye coordination into shape, regardless of the sports game you choose to enjoy.

Shooting Games

Shooting games are both entertaining and extremely active. These types of games imply an elevated level of awareness and the capability to create quick solutions when unexpected situations arise. They are ideal for those who have speedy fingers and great reaction times. Quick decision making is a valuable skill you can develop while playing shooting games and the general idea is rather simplistic - shoot anything that moves.

Virtual Horseracing

Have you ever imagined owning, training, and racing your own virtual thoroughbreds in the comfort of your own home? Well, now you can, thanks to a wide selection of virtual horse racing games at your fingertips. Whether it's fun, strategy, or lucrative racing you are after, you will find a wide variety of exceptional horse racing games on our site.

Sports Arcade Games

Sports arcade games basically simulate the practice of an assortment of sports. Most sports are recreated into an arcade game, including combat sports, team sports, extreme sports, and track and field. Some of our games emphasize playing the sport while others emphasize sports management and strategy. Sport arcade games are the most popular thanks to their competitiveness and characteristics of real players and teams.

Action Games

Do you fantasize about being Lara Croft or Indiana Jones? Then this is the perfect game category for you! Embark on an epic adventure in just a few minutes and enjoy hours of play on a wide selection of action games in our game library. Battle against fearsome armies, head to outer space, face futuristic monsters or witness prehistoric dinosaurs while getting the adrenaline pumping.

Online Card Games

These traditional one-player card games are one of the best game genres to kill time across the globe thanks to their simplistic rules and a great mix of strategy and luck that's present in every single round. Although you might have a version on your computer already, you will find loads of different card game variations in our library to further test your skills.

More Online Games

Apart from the wide selection of game genres, our site is also home to a vast range of other games that is sure to provide hours of entertainment without the need to download any additional software. Our games provide entertainment for the whole family with hundreds of different titles at your fingertips, whether you're an expert, newbie, grandparent, or kid, you are bound to find something delightful to enjoy.