3 Famous Types of Action Games

There are diverse genres encompassing the gaming industry and each has their long list of games for players to choose from. One of the most outstanding genre out of them all however, which never fail to impress players throughout the globe, are action games. The diversity of action games is unparalleled as it comes with more types of sub-genres that you can think about, giving way to more types of games that would allow you to exercise your physical capabilities, especially your reaction time along with the coordination between your hands and eyes.

The optic and haptic centred gameplay of action games may seem simple but seeing as there are many types followed along with the improvements borne from innovation, it is easy to see that you'll never run out of games that will bewilder you and let you have a fun and blood-boiling experience. A Fun park is here to open the windows for more knowledge about action games, which will surely let you know more about its different types and descriptions about them. This may even help you decide what your cup of tea is, aiding you in finding games that you could include in your must-play games.

Action Racing Games

From Need for Speed sequels, Grand Turismo, Shift, F1 Racing and more, it is easy to see that Action racing games are the real thing when it comes to excitement that it could provide to players. Who wouldn't want to experience racing off in streets with speed going over 200 and more all while aiming to be the first one to reach the goal, right? There are even some variants in this racing games wherein you could battle it out with cops, providing an even more exhilarating and unique experience for you to indulge in. There's no doubt that for times to come, action racing games would remain headstrong in the industry.

War Games

If you think more about it, wars are dangerous yet the blood-boiling action within the battlefield is something that anyone simply can't deny. The experience of being in the middle of life and death as you battle it out with your enemies to win is something that you can't experience in your daily life but, with the existence of action war games, you can definitely indulge on such a scenario. There are all sorts of war games out there mixed with other genres such as shooting games and even historical games. There are some like Total War, Warhammer, Rome and even the series of games in the Civilization title. Experience the throttling action served by the carnage brought by wars through this game that would never fail to keep you on your toes and focus at all times.

Shooting Games

There's no doubt that when it comes to action games, shooting games will remain one of the best. It has been in the industry for decades and years already and the violence and brutality behind using weapons and killing enemies have always been something that makes players' bloods go hot for even more action. It is a game where your reaction and hand-and-eyes coordination skills are shown to their limits and it could even be mixed with more sub-genres which make each games even more exciting. There are some which focus on stealth shooting games, some which focus more on the actual shooting while there are also others which provide story modes like Call of Duty where you'll experience wars and other setups that could range from pure action, historical or even horror.